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Your Superpowers T-shirt

Your Superpowers T-shirt

The Fine Girl Boutique

Your Superpowers T-shirt

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Live your best life looking stunning in our t-shirt that encourages self worth, self confidence and self love.
A superbly soft and high quality triblend t-shirt that feels like a hug. Listed on the t-shirt are positive affirmation words and attributes of every woman including you. Printed with heat transfer vinyl that will not peel or crack.
This T- shirt is a positive affirmation t-shirt that resonate with you. It's not just a t-shirt. It's self love, self confidence and self worth in a fabric.
Women too often find it difficult to express self love to themselves and often suffer from low self esteem and self confidence. We are changing the narrative and encouraging women to show love to themselves.
Part of the proceed from the sale is going to go to charities helping women suffering from low confidence and self esteem. Purchase with purpose and help other women while you look good.


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