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Immune Support Supplements

Immune Support Supplements

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Immune Support Supplements

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Sick of getting sick? An immune booster could be just what you need! Here at Holland & Barrett, we stock a range of remedies to help support and strengthen your immune system, including vitamins, minerals and products to help support your natural immunity like Echinacea.
What is immunity? Immunity is the ability of an organism to resist a toxin or infection.
In humans, the immune system acts as the body’s defence against infections – attacking germs and foreign substances and banishing them from the body. The strength of our immune system is determined by multiple factors, like our genetic makeup, lifestyles, diet and the environments we have been exposed to over the years.
How to support your immune system:
Now, there’s not much we can do about our genes, but one thing we can do is control our diet. There are certain vitamins and minerals that help the immune system function normally, so making sure we keep them topped up is key. Nature also provides natural remedies to help boost immunity, read more about them below.
Vitamin C for immunity: there’s a reason your doctor tells you to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin C in the winter – it’s essential for the normal running of your immune system. If you’re worried that you’re not getting enough naturally day-to-day, why not try taking a vitamin C supplement?
Vitamin D for immunity: the elusive vitamin D is key for normal immune function but is notoriously hard to get in countries like the UK, unless you’re constantly sunning it up on holiday that is! This is because our bodies need sunlight to make vitamin D naturally, and it’s not very prevalent in most people’s diets. Don’t worry though, a vitamin D supplement could sort you out!
Zinc for immunity: the body needs zinc for a variety of important tasks, one of them being supporting the immune system to help your body stave off infections. Keep your zinc levels up easily with zinc supplements.
Manuka honey: Manuka honey is a special high-quality honey made in the wild pastures of New Zealand. It contains naturally powerful antibacterial properties that can help you be less susceptible to illness – and Manuka honey can do wonders for a sore throat when you mix it with warm water!


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