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Cauliflower Plants - Late Summer Continuity Collection: £8.99!

Cauliflower Plants - Late Summer Continuity Collection: £8.99!

By Snizl for Dobies

Cauliflower Plants - Late Summer Continuity Collection: £8.99!

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Collection comprises21 plants (a mixture of these varieties): Nautilus F1 (upright leaves, making it attractive and easy to cut, ready 77-88 days after planting), Brigantine (lovely smooth, firm curds with a good leaf cover to prevent discolouration, ready 88-100 days after planting) and Meridien (a vigorous variety with good leaf cover).

On Receipt - Remove the plants from the packaging immediately upon receipt. Check the compost is moist and water if necessary. All the vegetable plants can be planted immediately into a moist soil in the garden, provided conditions are suitable. Once planted water well to settle the soil around the plants. Soil Preparation - Vegetable plants require a well drained soil in a sunny position that has ideally been dug in the autumn. Prior to planting lightly fork over the area removing any weeds that have grown, and break down any large lumps. Apply a general fertiliser such as Growmore and rake into the surface. During the growing period keep the plants well watered in dry spells and keep weeds under control. CAULIFLOWER - Plant firmly in a firm soil, 45cm (18") between plants and 60cm (24") between rows. Keep well watered especially in the early stages to prevent the formation of small heads. Bend some of the large leaves over the head to protect it from the sun.


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