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Reading Adventures for Less: Save on Kindle Kids for Your Child!

Reading Adventures for Less: Save on Kindle Kids for Your Child!

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£89.99 £104.99 Save 14%
Introducing Kindle Kids: Where Reading Comes to Life!

Meet the most budget-friendly addition to the Kindle lineup – Kindle Kids. Crafted exclusively for young readers, this device is designed to immerse children in the joy of reading, free from distractions like apps, videos, or games.

A Gateway to Reading Adventures:
Kindle Kids is more than just a device – it's an invitation to explore the world of literature. With a sleek black and white 300 ppi high-resolution glare-free display, every page comes to life, capturing young minds in the magic of storytelling.

A Bundle of Delight:
Experience reading like never before with the Kindle Kids bundle. The package includes the latest Kindle (2022 release), a child-friendly cover, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee, ensuring that your child's reading journey is protected and enjoyable.

A Year of Unlimited Possibilities:
Immerse your child in a world of reading possibilities with 1 year of Amazon Kids+. With a vast library of age-appropriate books, your young reader will have access to an array of stories and adventures that inspire, entertain, and foster a love for reading.

Focus on Reading, Zero Distractions:
Kindle Kids is a sanctuary for pure reading delight. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to uninterrupted literary explorations. This device is tailored for young bookworms, letting their imaginations soar through the pages.

Worry-Free Reading:
The Kindle Kids bundle comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee, giving you peace of mind. Whether it's accidental spills, drops, or wear and tear, your child's reading journey is protected, allowing them to fully engage with their books.

Invest in Imagination:
With Kindle Kids, you're not just providing a device – you're investing in your child's imagination, curiosity, and literacy. Spark their love for reading early and watch as their worlds expand with each turn of the page.

Unlock Reading Adventures:
Don't miss this chance to open the door to reading adventures. Kindle Kids is your child's passport to discovering new worlds, making friends with characters, and building a lifelong appreciation for stories.

Empower your child with the joy of reading – embrace Kindle Kids. Nurture their love for literature, inspire their imagination, and embark on a journey where each page becomes a gateway to boundless possibilities.