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Karcher XPERT DELUXE HD Pressure Washer + FREE Accessories: £459.95!

Karcher XPERT DELUXE HD Pressure Washer + FREE Accessories: £459.95!

About this Deal

Professionals need a pressure washer that will deliver consistently high intensity cleaning, even with repeated daily use. Built from professional-grade components, The Karcher XPERT DELUXE HD X will do exactly that. 3 pistons & a spray lance constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel, a cylinder head & water inlet made from high quality brass, & a heavy duty, wire braded anti-kink hose all provide an outstanding level of durability, ensuring a long service life in even the most trying of commercial environments. Dedicated pump lubrication also contributes to a long lifespan.

Karcher XPERT DELUXE HD 7125 Zoom of MotorExpert users require power too, & the XPERT DELUXE HD X's formidable 2.3 kilowatt 2 pole motor, delivering 160 bars of pressure & a flow rate of 480l/h, will rapidly blast dirt away from any surface. Cleaning capability is further augmented by the pressure washer's detergent intake hose, which helps to remove really ingrained grime through precisely dosed detergent application.

The XPERT DELUXE is ideally suited for Tradesman & Semi Professionals or those wishing to upgrade from a domestic pressure washer to something more durable & powerful.