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Large Moonbean Harriet Glen Hare Sculpture

Large Moonbean Harriet Glen Hare Sculpture

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Large Moonbean Harriet Glen Hare Sculpture

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This piece is cold cast with a resin bronze finish.
Height: 26.5cm
Width: 13cm
Depth: 19cm
Weight: 1.24kg

About Harriet Glen
Harriet Glen is an Award winning artist from the beautiful Dorset countryside. Her bronze sculptures are internationally recognized in prestigious collections throughout Europe. “I try to convey more than just the physical aspect of the animals. Sculpture, being three dimensional, should incorporate the spiritual nature of the horse: How it feels jumping, playing, racing, the fear, the exertion, the endeavor. These are qualities that endear the horse to the human.”

“Cold-Casting” is a term used to describe the process of mixing metal powder with a resin to create castings that give the appearance of solid metal. The metal cold-cast process (also known as “bonded bronze”) is faster and much less expensive compared with foundry casting of molten metal (lost wax process.) Different metal powders such as Bronze, Brass, Nickel Silver, Copper and Aluminum can be used depending on the desired effect.


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