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At Journey's End - a new musical ghost story

At Journey's End - a new musical ghost story

Event Dates

6:30pm, Wed Apr 4th
9:00pm, Fri Apr 6th

About this Event

Eddie Lawrence is waiting on an abandoned railway station on the Yorkshire moors. But he is not alone.

Hoping to communicate with the spirit of his girlfriend who died at the station seven years ago, he finds himself unwittingly entangled with a group of Victorian ghosts. They believe that they are waiting for the line to be repaired in order that they can continue their journey to America and a new life.

Soaring melodies and endearing characters will take you on a journey of revelations and unforeseen consequences - a heart-rending search for love and redemption amidst the echoes of a long-forgotten tragedy.

‘ancient dreams of love still flicker, echo softly through the ether’

Tickets: £15