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Great app.
We use it to both post and find deals and competitions regularly and it never lets us down. Highly recommend a great tool for businesses and customers!

400 Rabbits

Posted a deal on Snizl, then shared it to my facebook and twitter, I had thousands of followers to advertise to in a matter of days.

Lisa Richards

Saving time with Snizl is easy

Create your Post on the
Snizl Feed

  • Choose to post a Deal, Promotion, Event or Competition

  • Complete the details and choose an image or video

  • Post instantly on the Snizl feed or Schedule it for later

Share your Post to multiple channels in seconds

  • Share your Post to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Pinterest

  • Sharing allows you to reach facebook groups and trending hashtags relevant to your business

  • bringing customers back to your post on Snizl

See the combined Analytics in one place

  • We put all the statistics and information in an easy-to-understand dashboard

  • Track views, clicks and conversions to see how popular your posts are

  • See how your post performs in real-time, as someone clicks you see the numbers go up

Attract a following that you can sell to

We give businesses the tools to attract, engage and sell to new customers.

Post a Competition to win one of your products

Giving away one of your products only attracts people interested in you. Snizl turns every person who enters your competition into a follower and creates opportunities to turn them into new customers.

  • People follow you to enter your competition

  • Attract people likely to buy your products

  • Builds a valuable list of potential customers

Send Push Notifications to your Followers

When you have a great deal, promo or event you can send a push notification directly to your followers lock screens.

  • 85% of notifications are read

  • Build trust and keep followers interested

  • Notify your followers of new Deals, Promos and Competitions

Sell more to your new Followers

Your followers are people who have already shown an interest in your products, therefore they are much more likely to convert through your deals and promos.

  • Followers are more likely to be interested in your products

  • Followers already trust you because of your great Comps & Deals

  • Followers are more likely to convert to customers

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In March Total Motion Had 7,156 individual post views on Snizl…
In March Total Motion Had 7,156 individual post views on Snizl…
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