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SALE - Eyebrow Kit 00 Universel

SALE - Eyebrow Kit 00 Universel

By Snizl for allbeauty

SALE - Eyebrow Kit 00 Universel

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An essential eyebrow kit equipped with three powders of light, medium, and dark colour to blend for the perfect shade, a highlighter to enhance the look of eyes and brows, and a double ended applicator featuring an angled brush and an eyebrow brush.

To use: Using the eyebrow brush end of the applicator, comb eyebrows from the brow bone up to the forehead, then away from the nose to the ears for a manicured line. Then using the angled brush, define the bottom line of the brow using small, light strokes from the inside out, then slowly fill in the eyebrows, blending the powder at the outer edge of the brow. Finally, apply the highlighter beneath the eyebrows for contrast and enhancement.



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