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12pc Fizzy Bath Bombs Gift Set - 12 x 65g Free Postage

12pc Fizzy Bath Bombs Gift Set - 12 x 65g Free Postage

Helen’s Little Cave Of All Sorts

12pc Fizzy Bath Bombs Gift Set - 12 x 65g Free Postage

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Delve into a bubbly world of sweet-smelling scents when you bathe using any round bath bomb from this Bee Beautiful 12-piece Reduced Plastic Fizzy Bath Bombs Gift Set. Whether you want to treat yourself or let a loved one know how much you care about them, this delightful bath bomb gift set is sure to work wonders.

Each one boasts a mixture of sumptuous colours and various scents, so you can pick whichever one takes your fancy. The perfect addition to any hot bath, simply drop the bath bomb of your choice into warm water, then sit back and relax as the bath bomb fizzes away gradually releasing it's invigorating scent and essential oils into the surrounding water.

Featuring incredible scents including a vibrant Green Apple, a delicious-smelling Berry Blast concoction and even a Parma Delights bath bomb (reminiscent of the classic Parma Violet sweets), in total this generous-sized gift set includes twelve 65-gram handmade bath bombs for you to enjoy - one for every month of the year!

These handmade bath bombs use only the purest, finest ingredients to transform them into these beautiful, fizzing balls of sheer delight! Also including almond oil, honey moisturiser and bicarbonate of soda, the bicarbonate of soda softens the water, while the almond oil and honey moisturiser get to work nourishing and moisturising your skin, to ensure you leave the bath feeling like the pampered goddess you are.

Eco-friendly, this charming bath bomb set is packaged with less plastic and sent in a mailing bag made entirely from recycled material. Ideal for gifting and easy storage, the various bath bombs are neatly presented on wood wool and displayed in a smart, cardboard box. So, what are you waiting for? Spoil yourself or your loved one today with this stunning bath bomb set!


1 x Green Apple - 65g
1 x Jaffalicious (Chocolate & Orange) - 65g
1 x Sweet Treats (Rhubarb & Custard) - 65g
1 x Great Fruit (Grapefruit) - 65g
1 x Bizzy Bee (Honey) - 65g
1 x Strawberries & Cream - 65g
1 x True Blue - Dewberry - 65g
1 x Berry Blast (Wild Berry) - 65g
1 x Fizzy Buzzy Bursts (Lemon, Lime & Bergamot) - 65g
1 x Koala Kick (Eucalyptus) - 65g
1 x Petal Passion (English Rose) - 65g
1 x Parma Delights (Parma Violet) - 65g
Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, Citric acid, Sweet almond oil (Prunus amygdalus), Honey moisturiser (Hydroxypropyltrimomuim honey), Parfum (Fragrance) and Colour.


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