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New 100% Copper water bottle

New 100% Copper water bottle

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New 100% Copper water bottle

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Know this
First, what is copper water ?
Copper water is simply water stored in a copper vessel for a period of time (overnight)
After that time has elapsed, the water is poured into another container - preferably glass - and stored, ready to be consumed

Purpoted Benefits of Copper Water

- Improved Digestion
- Improved Thyroid function
- Fights Inflammation
- Improves Skin
- Fights Cancer
- Weight loss

Are you considering whether or not to add Copper water to your healthy lifestyle routine ?
Consider these few guidelines
* Don't rely solely on Copper water !
Copper water is refreshing and delicious - in fact,
you may want to drink it all the time :)

Yet drinking only Copper water, especially if you already consume plenty of copper-rich food or take a vitamin supplement,
could potentially lead to excess Copper or copper toxicity. More is not necessarily better.

While the amount of Copper in copper water is not huge, if you're drinking a gallon a day it's possible to consume too much
Copper. This is particularly true if you are eating a diet with plenty of foods rich in Copper.



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