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The Toon’s Toy Box idea was born of a slight frustration. Not the best excuse for setting up a business I know but please, let me explain.

My name is Gary Toon and I was raised on a council estate in North Lincolnshire as one of eight children. Born smack in the middle of the bunch I found that I lacked the statesmanship of the eldest and the cheeky ‘get away with anything-ness’ of the youngest which when it came to toys meant that I was last in line.

I would happily play with anything, prams, cars, hair sets, soldiers… It was normal for me and I was a very happy little boy when I was at play.

Adulthood set in as it always does, and I now have young children of my own. The frustration began when a young mother tutted at my son (4) for picking up and playing with a doll… this irked me, so I decided to take a closer look at the toy market.

Two years and a lot of arguments later, I am proud to present to you Toon’s Toy Box, A place for kids who love to play with just toys.
Learning matters so we put a bit of that in there but fun, imagination, laughter and joy is what we really aim for.

Loads of love.
Mrs Gary Toon

Address & Contact

20 Searby Road
North Lincolnshire
DN17 2JT

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