Posted 2 years ago by Snizl for Hawkins Bazaar

SAVE 25% on this Wet Head Game!

SAVE 25% on this Wet Head Game!

By Snizl for Hawkins Bazaar

SAVE 25% on this Wet Head Game!

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Remove the pins from the Wet Head hat and hope you don't get drenched with water!

Someone's going to get soaked, but will it be you? Wet Head is a game of steady nerves, buckets of luck and the sheer determination to stay dry. Think of the hat as a liquid filled Kerplunk. Give the spinner a twirl and follow the instructions whether it's to pull one pin, two pins or (if you're lucky) skip a turn. If you've pulled your pins and nothing's happened, pass the hat to the next player. If however you pull a pin and are drenched by a torrent of water, it's safe to assume that you've lost! You can even take the wet head challenge a step further with the free official companion app for your smart phone or tablet.

- Russian roulette with water
- Hard plastic hat with eight removable pins
- One pin empties water tank through hat
- Spinner with instructions
- Optional app for Android and iOS devices
- For two or more players
- Box 25.5cm

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