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IMMERSE PLUS VR HEADSET - Was £25 Now Only £14.99

IMMERSE PLUS VR HEADSET - Was £25 Now Only £14.99

By Snizl for Hawkins Bazaar

IMMERSE PLUS VR HEADSET - Was £25 Now Only £14.99

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Enter virtual worlds with the Immerse Plus VR Headset and experience something new:
The new generation VR headset from Immerse is here! It's never been easier to step into the world of virtual reality thanks to the Immerse Plus Headset. Just download one of the many hundreds of free VR apps available on your smartphone (simply search "VR" in your app store of choice) and then slide your device into the headset. Slip the sci-fi style visor onto your head and you'll be able to explore whole new worlds and feel like you're actually there! Turn your head and the view moves with you, providing a sense of virtual interaction that looks and feels incredible. Ride virtual roller coasters, watch 3D videos as if you were at an IMAX cinema, play games in ways you've never dreamed and experience the next great leap in entertainment technology today.

This much improved version of last year's top virtual reality gadget now fits a larger range of smartphones, with the upgraded design accommodating even the largest flagship phablets available (up to 16.5cm tall). There's also a handy new self-adjusting mechanism that holds your phone securely in place without interfering with any buttons that may be positioned along either side of the handset. You can wear it for longer periods of time too thanks to the super comfortable cushioning that sits around each eyepiece for a snug fit. If you're a fan of cutting edge technology or just want to see what the VR experience is like, this is the perfect way into an exciting new world.
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