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Colostrum+ Anti Aging Tonic £22.30

Colostrum+ Anti Aging Tonic £22.30

Everything In One Place

Colostrum+ Anti Aging Tonic £22.30

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Facial tonic with Colostrum, green tea extract, hyaluronic acid and a patented material Fucogel®1000 is designated for everyday face cleaning. Primarily, it serves as a removal of grime dissolvable in water unlike facial soap that primarily removes grime dissolvable in fats. The facial tonic refreshes skin and provides other hydrating materials.

The tonic is suitable for all skin types and all age categories; however, it offers the highest benefits to age group 30+. Since the cosmetics is natural, it is optimal for individuals with sensitive skin. All used components are biodegradable, thus biologically decomposable and non-toxic for our environment.

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