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Angelite Mini Carved Angel £7.00

Angelite Mini Carved Angel £7.00

Everything In One Place

Angelite Mini Carved Angel £7.00

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A stunning small angelite angel carving from Peru. This piece has beautifully detailed elements, from the wings, to the bodice of the crystal carving, making it a stunning piece.Approximate Dimensions: 37mm x 20mm
Approximate Weight: 16g

Angelite allows the body to get rid of any infections that are related to the throat. It aids in the renewal of blood vessels and certainly has beneficial properties to the heart. Angelite tones also help with a number of emotional healing processes. Anger, anxiety, and even resentment are emotions that can be dangerous to us, particularly when they begin to turn the body toxic. This gemstone is able to clear these negative emotions and bring in positive and calming feelings.

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