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D&G Security Alarms
D&G Security Alarms
Posted 7 months ago
Home Alarm System
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Door & Gate Security Alarms is a family run business with over 25 years experience. We offer a friendly service allowing all ranges of people the ability to have an affordable alarm system. As the uk has over 25 million old school alarm systems with out dated technology we can do a wireless or wired alarm system at an affordable price. Most homes don’t look at updating alarms and technology moves on so do criminals. At D&G Alarms we offer a free security study not to sell you an alarm but to help you better understand the security around the home. We offer top range shock vibration sensors and high quality PIR’s. We can also integrate cctv in as an all round system on one app you can self monitor or pay to have it monitored. Our monitoring is easy to setup with no fixed contract meaning you can come and go.
We also take in to the account most homes are rented with no alarm we offer a free removal and restore service.

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