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Larry - Greyhound

Larry - Greyhound

RSPCA Woodside Animal Centre

Larry - Greyhound

About Me

Larry is an absolute sweetheart who truly deserves a loving home. He loves human interaction especially if he's getting lots of fuss.

This handsome boy loves to stretch his legs and enjoys having a run off lead in the paddock. As Larry is an ex-racer, he must wear a muzzle and stay on a lead at all times in public so a garden or secure area where he can run off lead would be great for him. Larry will need to attend weekly training classes to help him become the best dog possible, as well as creating a strong bond with his forever family,

Larry's new owner will need to have some experience of owning a dog and enjoy spending quality time with him. He can live with children of senior school age and possibly another canine friend as long as they get on when they meet. Larry would prefer a quiet and relaxed home.

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190 Scudamore Road

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