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Bertie - Domestic Short Hair

Bertie - Domestic Short Hair

RSPCA Woodside Animal Centre

Bertie - Domestic Short Hair

About Me

Bertie is a confident and independent boy, who loves to go exploring. He prefers to be groomed than stroked but does enjoy a fuss every now and again but he will choose when he wants to be given some affection. Bertie is a real foodie, his favourite thing is to sit in the grass meowing for food and treats.

Bertie will need to live in an adult only home as the only pet and with an experienced cat owner. Bertie would be the perfect boy for a farm environment. He will require time, space and patience from his new owner to settle into his new environment. It would be very beneficial for Bertie to go home with a Feliway plug in to help him relax. With gentle encouragement and the freedom to do his own thing Bertie will soon capture your heart.

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190 Scudamore Road

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