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With the unprecedented events of the past weeks we have been looking at
how we can help those in need in our local and wider communities

Proud to be supporting the NHS South Central Ambulance Service and MOD,
West Berkshire Council and 17 local community volunteer groups

Hand Sanitiser

The coronavirus situation has resulted in a countrywide hand sanitiser shortage. A product that is incredibly important during these times. We are taking our pure UK produced natural grain alcohol supply & refining our production line to produce a simple but effective hand sanitiser.

Our hand sanitiser is very effective as it is formulated to 80% alcohol content. It is made using the same natural grain spirit that is refined to produce our incredible gins. Most importantly it conforms to a WHO (World Health Organisation) recipe.

So many companies have tried to take advantage of this shortage by selling products at over inflated prices, we aim to reset the balance and help provide a much needed product at a fair price.

​If you are part of any business or organisation needing hand sanitiser for your colleagues, please also get in touch. We have limited capacity but will attempt to service any in need within our reach. As long as we can keep sourcing the materials, we will keep producing.

Keep safe & we thank you for your continued support.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available for our hand sanitiser on request.

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