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Firebug Does The World Cup 2018

Firebug Does The World Cup 2018

By Snizl for Firebug

Firebug Does The World Cup 2018

About this Promotion

Here at Firebug we do a lot of things a bit "differently"..

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is no exception.

You know us to be an all inclusive, safe place to eat, drink and socialise. The England World Cup Games will be no different.

We're showing ALL the England games on our 5 meter HD screen inside and our 2 meter HD screen outside in the garden!

Country themed slushies, deals on jugs and food throughout!

Please feel free to wear national football shirts during the times we are showing England matches.

Please be tolerant and excepting of other people's allegiances.

Oh, and finally, do not, under any circumstances, whatever the excuse or occasion, feel compelled to sing even a few bars of Fat Les’ "Vindaloo" at us.

Come on, England!



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