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RUDE STUFF - Willies Mug £12.00!

RUDE STUFF - Willies Mug £12.00!

By Snizl for Oklahoma

RUDE STUFF - Willies Mug £12.00!

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Willies come in all shapes, colours and sizes! Celebrate the wonderful weirdness of human bodies with Eat Mielies weird illustrations!

Tastefully decorated with roughly 30 unique depictions of penises (or is it peni?), this mug is not only a work of art but a must add to your mug collection.

Size: H 10cm x D 8cm (basically, it holds a decent mug of tea!)
Dishwasher safe
Not mother-in-law safe
Did you know: there's a brilliant rap song all about willies called My **** by Dyslexic Speedreaders, deffo worth a listen while you sip tea from your willy mug!

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