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Asia, Australia & New Zealand cruise deals

Asia, Australia & New Zealand cruise deals

By Snizl for Travelzoo

Asia, Australia & New Zealand cruise deals

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Whether you’re drawn to the bright lights of Singapore or the mountainous views of New Zealand’s fjords, we’ve put together the best cruise deals for Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

So many of Asia’s highlights are coastal gems, which means that cruising is a fantastic way to explore the region. Whether it’s taking an island-hopping trip in Thailand to discover its pristine white-sand beaches, a Mekong river cruise in Vietnam and Cambodia, or sailing during cherry blossom season in Japan, there’s something to suit every taste.

Australia and New Zealand are also top picks for fly-cruise holidays, so you could fly across to Sydney and take a cruise around Australia and New Zealand at a leisurely pace, rather than needing to book multiple domestic flights.

You may also want to try our cruise deals for the Caribbean or South and Central America. If Asia-Pacific is a little too far-flung, take a look at our cruises in Europe. And here is where you can find all our cruise deals.


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