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50% discount on your NEW designs....

50% discount on your NEW designs....

Gift Shop Girlz

50% discount on your NEW designs....

About this Deal

This weeks ‘NEWS’ product release... 20 new designs!

**Price range:**

**£45-105 GBP**


**It is time to fill up the Jesper Nielsen core collection!**

**We are introducing over 20 new designs, where you will be able to find both anklets, bracelet, earrings and necklaces. The designs will be available in sterling silver, and some of them will also come in gold plated and rose gold plated.**

**This week’s news drop is filled up with one of our all-time classic favorites – hearts. Alongside the well-known symbol of love, we are focusing on the family and especially one of the most important people of the family, the mother. These new designs will give you the opportunity to express love for both yourself and your family. To compliment these designs, we are also introducing some classic earrings that go perfectly with this drop and the rest of the Jesper Nielsen universe.**

**Whether you want to spoil yourself or someone you love; the new JN designs are the perfect gift for any women.**


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