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The Truth About Trading Online

The Truth About Trading Online

First 365 Days

The Truth About Trading Online

About this Promotion

We are offering 30% off our trading online course, normally £400 - Use code Snizi30%

Trading online is a great way to access new customers with your product or service. We're all told it is easy to set up a website and you can be up and running within a few days for a few pounds. Whilst this may be the case, what will you get for£100? On this all day course, we will take you through each step of trading online from inception to implementation. We will cover all of the elements of online trading from securing your domain name to launching marketing campaigns.

Session Aims:

To develop learners thinking in the way they approach and develop their online business.
To identify the right tools for the job, at the right time
Where and when to ask for help when stuck
Merging online and offline customer experience
Understanding the financial commitment needed to set up and run a quality e-commerce platform.
At the end of this course you will be fully furnished with all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your online trading business and where to go for cost efficient services.

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