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Rob Smith Cut Flower Range...

Rob Smith Cut Flower Range...

By Snizl for Dobies

Rob Smith Cut Flower Range...

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I've always loved growing flowers in my garden and on the allotment, especially when you can cut them and enjoy them in the house. This year I have added more of my favourite flowers, from the stunning Mountain cornflower with its beautiful blooms, to the amazing 'Solar Power' sunflower with its many flowers, perfect for a vase.

To compliment the annual flowers I have also added a selection of gorgeous perennial flowers, letting you enjoy a typical 'cottage garden' look for years to come. From the award winning, first year flowering lupin, to the dainty and gentle geum, there are varieties that will enhance your garden and allow you to create some spectacular arrangement's for your home.

Don't forget that most of the varieties are also great plants for your garden or allotment as they attract bees and other pollinating insects. This means you'll have a more productive and pretty plot, plus lots of beautiful cut flowers throughout the year.

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