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New In - Wildflower Mix Seeds - Window Box - £3.99

New In - Wildflower Mix Seeds - Window Box - £3.99

By Snizl for Dobies

New In - Wildflower Mix Seeds - Window Box - £3.99

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An exclusive mix for window boxes and smaller containers specially developed for Dobies with shorter species which don't grow too big so it's perfect for smaller containers. Contains 20 species including forget-me-not, wild strawberries and wild pansy. Flowers late May-September. Height 30-40cm (12-16").

Bring the meadow to your windowsill!
Specially developed for Dobies
Contains shorter species
Over 20 species
Wildflowers are a great part of our British landscape with both delicate charm and the added advantage of being easy to grow. Last year we launched a new collection of British Native Wildflowers, with up to 32 varieties in each mix to ensure that everyone can enjoy the magic of wildflowers in every part of their garden. This collection has been specially selected by our seed buying team to offer a range of habitats and food for native UK wildlife, with each plant having their own unique method of attracting pollinators or distributing their seed. We have made selecting the right wildflower mix for your garden easier by tailoring each mix to suit any garden, be this a more woodland or shady area where species will need to grow on bare ground under trees or mixes with fragrance and colour to attract wildlife. This year with a focus on urban gardening or for those with more limited space, why not try one of our two NEW British Native Wildflower mixes for either a window box or Pots on the Patio!



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