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20kg Adjustable Weighted Vest - £99.00

20kg Adjustable Weighted Vest - £99.00

DKN Fitness UK

20kg Adjustable Weighted Vest - £99.00

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Increase the effectiveness of your exercise activity by wearing the 20kg adjustable weighted vest and reap the benefits that the additional weight and resistance will provide.

Put it on when walking or jogging or during aerobics, boot camp training or sports and fitness sessions and feel your muscles working harder.

The weight is evenly spread around over the vest so it’s comfortable to wear and to maximise the efficiency of the extra resistance, getting more muscles engaged harder.

Some top features include the hi-grip Velcro belt which you can use to fasten the vest firmly yet comfortably and which helps minimise chaffing. Also, you can add or remove weight packs on the vest in order to personalise it and adjust the intensity for each and every exercise, making this a very practical fitness accessory.

Number of Weight Packs: 38 Material: Oxford Weight of each

Weight Pack: Approximately 510g (17.9oz)

Weight of Vest (without weight packs inserted): Approximately 620g (21.8oz) Barcode: 5412002204488


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