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Glas-Denbury Music And Arts Festival

Glas-Denbury Music And Arts Festival


Glas-Denbury Music And Arts Festival

Event Dates

11:00am, Fri Jul 6th - 10:00pm, Sat Jul 7th

About this Event

Deep in the depths of the beautiful Devon countryside, a little piece of magic happens every July. Of course all who are familiar with Devon, know that magic runs through the heart of the county in so many ways. A county of festivals and events, beautiful towns and villages, stunning scenery from the moors to the sea and full of people who have a vision of how the world can be a kinder, happier, safer place. Glas-Denbury brings all of beautiful Devon into one place, one beautiful green field backed by the majestic Dartmoor, under the shadow of Denbury Hill. 2018 sees an almost 100% South West line up of artists, entertainers, poets, workshops, food and drink.
Glastonbury may have been built on Ley lines, but Glas-Denbury is built on Love Lines!
The multi award winning Glas-Denbury is totally independant, run by volunteers including Mums, Dads, Grandparents, young people and even the children get involved! It is self funded, not for profit and a totally non commercial festival. We may not be the biggest festival out there but we have the biggest hearts with which we create an incredibly family friendly, safe, happy, colourful inspirational place. A nod to the family friendly festivals of yesteryear, Glas-Denbury showcases the best of the South West from it’s creativity to it’s food, it’s businesses to it’s people. So why not take a trip to our lovely part of the world, come and dance in the daisies, delight in the magic of Glas-Denbury, enjoy a weekend of colour, happiness, music & arts with your family and friends and make some new friends along the way!

2018 sees an almost 100% line up of South West music artists, entertainers and workshops. We are so proud to showcase the best of the South West, whilst also bringing in fabulous and quirky artists from all over the UK to entertain and surprise you!


Address & Contact

2 Greenhill Ln, Denbury
Newton Abbot
TQ12 6DN

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Event Dates

11:00am, Fri Jul 6th -
10:00pm, Sat Jul 7th

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